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What Covid-19 teaches us about supply chains

By Johan Zandbergen | March 30, 2020

We can certainly say that we live in unprecedented times. The coronavirus affects us all in some way, shape or form. ChainPoint is no different in this respect, where all colleagues are working...

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An update on Brexit and EUTR

By Anneleen Veldhuizen | February 18, 2020

On March 6th 2019, we've posted a blog  about the status of Brexit and what this could mean for the British timber industry, especially regarding the EUTR.  Now that Brexit finally became a...

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ChainPoint to develop platform for ASC

By Johan Zandbergen | February 05, 2020

ChainPoint is excited to announce the development of the ASC Information Management System, the new audit management platform for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council. The platform will benefit the...

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Join our demo session of our timber platform

By Anneleen Veldhuizen | January 30, 2020

ChainPoint will host a short demo session of our Timber Due Diligence Platform on March 5 at 15:00-15.30 CET. 

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China updates forest law to ban import of illegal timber

By Quirijn Foeken | January 22, 2020

The Chinese government is updating it's forest laws which will now include the ban on buying, processing or transporting illegally sourced timber. This is the first time in twenty years that this...

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TraceMap lets you navigate through your supply chain from every angle

By Quirijn Foeken | January 07, 2020

ChainPoint is proud to announce a new feature for its software platform: TraceMap. TraceMap is a new way to visualize your supply chain. It lets you navigate through your supply chain from every...

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SMEs could use blockchain to overcome challenges

By Geoff Taylor | November 18, 2019

Blockchain has the potential to transform three of North-West Europe’s top five sectors with a combined turnover of €600 billion (agrofoods, logistics, health) by tackling their shared...

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Book & claim as a sustainability driver

By Quirijn Foeken | October 17, 2019

When people envision traceability, they probably see a world where for every product a consumer buys, the exact origin is known. When someone buys a piece of fruit in a store, they should be able...

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ChainPoint at 2019 Textile Sustainability Conference in Vancouver

By Quirijn Foeken | October 06, 2019

ChainPoint will attend Textile Exchange's 2019 Textile Sustainability Conference in Vancouver on October 15-18. ChainPoint's Alexander Ellebrecht will present updates on the recently announced ...

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ChainPoint develops Centralized Database Systems for responsible textile supply chains

By Alexander Ellebrecht | September 30, 2019

ChainPoint is proud to announce the development of Centralized Database Systems (CDS), for our customers Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Textile Exchange. Developed in partnership...

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