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Disruptions in supply chains: the risk you want to mitigate

Supplier networks and the need to get insight

Blockchain for SMEs in the food industry

EU due diligence laws for cocoa expected in 2021

Indonesia rolls back timber legality verification system

New platform for the Sustainable Biomass Program

What ChainPoint can do for the textile industry

What Covid-19 teaches us about supply chains

An update on Brexit and EUTR

ChainPoint to develop platform for ASC

Join our demo session of our timber platform

China updates forest law to ban import of illegal timber

TraceMap lets you navigate through your supply chain from every angle

SMEs could use blockchain to overcome challenges

Book & claim as a sustainability driver

ChainPoint at 2019 Textile Sustainability Conference in Vancouver

ChainPoint develops Centralized Database Systems for responsible textile supply chains

Due diligence for minerals: what we can learn from the timber industry

The case for sustainable palm oil

Keep your due diligence system simple and adaptable

ChainPoint develops traceability platform for Closing the Loop

Using mobile technology for collecting supply chain data

ChainPoint introduces TraceMap

ChainPoint to attend ISEAL Symposium 2019

International standards for sustainable and traceable cocoa launched

2019 Global Cotton Sustainability Conference

Common questions in sustainable textile supply chains

Three steps towards a sustainable textile supply chain

Dutch Senate votes ‘Yes’ on child labour law.

ChainPoint to develop platform for UEBT

Chocolate, a 'guilty' pleasure?

ChainPoint at the OECD forum in Paris

ChainPoint releases ChainPoint 6

EU Conflict Minerals Regulation to take effect in 2021

Nagoya Protocol ABS track and trace obligations – How ChainPoint can help

ChainPoint developed Timber Due Diligence System for NEXT

Brexit and EUTR: what will this mean?

A logo is not enough

Watch our webinar on timber and the EUTR

ChainPoint will attend Fruit Logistica 2019

Blockstart makes SMEs stronger with blockchain solutions

Navigating with your supply chain map

Sustainable timber sourcing and due diligence

ChainPoint to attend International Green Week 2019

Belgium pledges to make all its chocolate sustainable

Wrapping up 2018

Tony's Chocolonely announces partnership with Albert Heijn

Traceability and supply chain mapping in cosmetics supply chains

The French Duty of Vigilance Law as a trend

Create impact with your audits

Risk management in organic supply chains

This year's Textile Sustainability Conference will be in Milan

Common challenges within the audit process

ChainPoint to attend E-scrap in New Orleans

EUTR compliance is more important than ever

ChainPoint to sponsor the Bio-Gründer competition

ABS compliance in cosmetics is on the rise

Are you the mobile developer we are looking for?

Triple Bottom Line: measuring social and environmental KPIs

New European legislation for labeling food products

Where blockchain and slave free chocolate come together

Responsible Mining Index launched

Today is Earth Overshoot Day: how to stay positive

Reblog: Collaboration is dominant in nature

How to start with blockchain technology

ChainPoint moves to new location

ChainPoint to attend BCI 2018 Global Cotton Conference

Emerging tech: Internet of Things

ChainPoint will attend RT’13 as a sponsor

ChainPoint to attend ISEAL conference

Using sustainability standards to improve the world

The Dodd-Frank Act and conflict minerals

ChainPoint on technology panel at OECD Forum

The rise of the conscious consumer

Sustainability Impact Assessment: 4 steps to get insight

The role of technology in supply chains with conflict minerals

Conflict minerals in supply chains

Technologies that can help prevent child labour in your supply chain

OECD due diligence for conflict minerals in the supply chain

ChainPoint will attend Fruit Logistica 2018

Industries with the highest risk of child labour in the supply chain

ChainPoint joins the FlexScreen project

Five trends in Business Intelligence in 2018

ChainPoint will attend the Sustainable Development in the Food & Beverage Industry Summit 2018

Three benefits of using blockchain in your supply chain (and three downsides).

Stop child labour, one supply chain at a time

ChainPoint donates Christmas box to 'de Voedselbank'

Collaboration and traceability key topics at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Traceability and transparency in the cacao industry

ChainPoint awarded silver status by EcoVadis

ChainPoints child labor solution voted 'one of five best ideas'

Small issues, big solutions?

Supply chains: the bigger picture

Tony’s Chocolonely introduces “Beantracker” with ChainPoint technology for more transparency in the cocoa industry

The Rainforest Alliance selects ChainPoint as central data collection platform in sustainable supply chains

Collaboration is vital for our future

New report from PAN UK, Solidaridad and WWF on sustainable cotton

New Dutch law proposal for preventing child labour in supply chains

Supply chain mapping to measure impact and protect brand reputation

ChainPoint team donates Christmas box to Medecins Sans Frontieres

Successful training session for GoodWeave staff in Afghanistan, India, and Nepal

The difference between the apparel industry and cocoa when it comes to child labour

Technology used to create sustainable supply chains

How pre-packaged fruit and vegetables can help reduce food waste

7 key take-aways from the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Paris

How information technology can help create responsible and sustainable cosmetics supply chains

How supply chain mapping improves supply chain visibility

Sustainable cosmetics: Mica, a mineral with a dark glow

NEN proposal for Chain of Custody accepted by ISO

Improving internal efficiency and supply chain performance with one system

SpaceX’s recent disaster is bad news for African smallholder farmers

Why we should care about sustainable cosmetics!

A quote that could mark a shift in sustainability

Earth Overshoot Day is early this year!

New covenant signed by 60 Dutch fashion brands

Sustainable Food Summit: How a flexible software platform can support creating efficient and sustainable supply chains

Long-term collaboration to improve smallholder farmer livelihood

How population growth, extreme poverty, smallholder farmers and CO2 emissions are connected

Webinar: improve livelihood and sustainability of smallholder farmers by data analysis and training

Kenyan smallholder farmers and food waste

ChainPoint supports NEN in creating an ISO standard for Chain of Custody

C&A Foundation: Traceability Technical Solutions for the Apparel Sector

Why supporting smallholder farmers will benefit your supply chain and company

12 predictions in food & beverage 2016

ChainPoint solution for Bionext presented at BioBeurs Zwolle

Sustainable development in the Food & Beverage industry

Will 2015 be marked in history as a turning point?

Mobile data capture in the supply chain

Reducing food waste in the supply chain

The bottom-line of sustainability, how data management can reduce costs and risks

Sustainable cotton production in India

Sustainable Textile and Apparel Infographic

New innovations: managing your sustainability goals and offline data capture

Understanding the soy supply chain

Measure the sustainability impact of your supply chain

Sustainability Analytics Animation

12 Years in the world of sustainability

ChainPoint extends Fresh.Point residue monitoring platform with advanced analytics add-on

Step by step towards supply chain agility

Certification or supply chain transparency?

FreshPoint: residue monitoring platform now open to new subscribers

Textile supply chains: from balancing act to sustainable sourcing

The reputational risks and opportunities of the supply chain

Chainfood changes its name to ChainPoint

ChainPoint named ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner

Chain information strengthens brands

ChainPoint provides cashew supply chain with transparency, traceability and efficiency

Rescuing the red apes, a matter of checking the labels

Protect your supply chain against calamities like the horsemeat scandal

Cooperation is dominant in nature

Case study - Traceability System

Are cooperatives a promising model for the future?

Let your product tell the story

The battle for food transparency

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