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New covenant signed by 60 Dutch fashion brands

By Alexander Ellebrecht | July 04, 2016

Sixty textile companies from the Netherlands have put their signature under a new covenant initiated by the Social Economic Council (SER). The aim of the covenant is to prevent child labour and...

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ChainPoint supports NEN in creating an ISO standard for Chain of Custody

By Alexander Ellebrecht | March 14, 2016

An important aspect in ensuring chain compliance in terms of sustainability and food safety is traceability - the ability to trace individual ingredients within a product back to their origin....

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C&A Foundation: Traceability Technical Solutions for the Apparel Sector

By Alexander Ellebrecht | February 10, 2016

ChainPoint recently participated in a project where we researched how traceability can be achieved in the textile & apparel industry. The project was initiated by the C&A Foundation, together...

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12 predictions in food & beverage 2016

By Alexander Ellebrecht | January 13, 2016

In the latest blog article from David Oliver at FoodDive, 12 key food & beverage industry predictions for 2016 are listed. Of these 12 predictions, 6 can be directly related to what we do at...

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ChainPoint solution for Bionext presented at BioBeurs Zwolle

By Alexander Ellebrecht | January 10, 2016

Bionext, our newest customer in the organic products sector, will present a tailored assessment and risk management solution, created by ChainPoint, at the BioBeurs in Zwolle (NL) on 20 and 21...

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Sustainable development in the Food & Beverage industry

By Alexander Ellebrecht | January 04, 2016

Supplying the growing global population with food that has been sustainably produced poses a number of challenges. In order to tackle these challenges, insight needs to be gained by monitoring and...

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Sustainable cotton production in India

By Alexander Ellebrecht | September 29, 2015

It is expected that within a few years, or even maybe this year, India will overtake China as the largest cotton producing country in the world. The growth that India has shown over the last years...

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Certification or supply chain transparency?

By Alexander Ellebrecht | December 09, 2014

People sometimes ask: what is the best way to make a supply chain lean, safe and sustainable: by a) complying to this or that certification scheme or b) making a supply chain transparent? I think...

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Textile supply chains: from balancing act to sustainable sourcing

By Alexander Ellebrecht | October 31, 2014

Over the last decade, balancing product quality with laws, rules and regulations whilst protecting your brand has become a top priority for textile producers and retailers. Today, effective...

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ChainPoint provides cashew supply chain with transparency, traceability and efficiency

By Alexander Ellebrecht | April 17, 2014

Olam, TDG, Intersnack, Ahold, FMS, ChainPoint and IDH take a step towards more sustainability A consortium of private parties representing all levels in the supply chain decided last year to...

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