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ChainPoint introduces TraceMap

By Eric Doezejager | June 26, 2019

ChainPoint is proud to announce a new feature for its software platform: TraceMap. TraceMap is a new way to visualize your supply chain. It lets you navigate through your supply chain from every...

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Mobile data capture in the supply chain

By Eric Doezejager | November 25, 2015

In order to make informed supply chain decisions, you need to gather data from the supply chain and turn it into information you can act upon. Getting insight into your supply chain requires using...

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New innovations: managing your sustainability goals and offline data capture

By Eric Doezejager | June 01, 2015

During the last months, we have enhanced our platform, bringing enhanced supply chain data analysis functions to our users’ fingertips and providing offline data capture possibilities.

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Step by step towards supply chain agility

By Eric Doezejager | January 13, 2015

Supply chains and their environments are constantly changing with accelerating speed. Customer needs, crop yields and prices, business conditions, regulations, quality and sustainability...

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