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Blockchain for SMEs in the food industry

By Geoff Taylor | April 21, 2020

The food industry is under increasing pressure to meet the demands of a growing world population, with some estimating food production has to grow by 60% to meet demand. Consumers are also...

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SMEs could use blockchain to overcome challenges

By Geoff Taylor | November 18, 2019

Blockchain has the potential to transform three of North-West Europe’s top five sectors with a combined turnover of €600 billion (agrofoods, logistics, health) by tackling their shared...

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Three benefits of using blockchain in your supply chain (and three downsides).

By Geoff Taylor | December 20, 2017

You can hardly turn on the radio or read a newspaper these days without something being said about blockchain. It almost seems that everybody is talking about blockchain technology or bitcoin in...

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Supply chain mapping to measure impact and protect brand reputation

By Geoff Taylor | January 20, 2017

Every company has a supply chain. The most common view on this is “one-up, one-down”, meaning that companies know the suppliers they source from and know the buyers they sell to. This simplistic...

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Improving internal efficiency and supply chain performance with one system

By Geoff Taylor | September 16, 2016

Many companies and organisations struggle with a multitude of internal and external systems that provide bits and pieces of information on their supply chain performance. Often Excel is used to...

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Earth Overshoot Day is early this year!

By Geoff Taylor | July 18, 2016

As inhabitants of planet Earth we use up more natural resources in a given year than nature can absorb or replenish. In the past, when the global population was significantly lower, we were able...

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