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Chocolate, a 'guilty' pleasure?

By Peter Derksen | May 07, 2019

In 2005 a Dutch journalist explored the issue of child labour in the cocoa industry, wishing to see the results of the Harkin Engel protocol which was signed in 2001. He was shocked to find that...

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The Rainforest Alliance selects ChainPoint as central data collection platform in sustainable supply chains

By Peter Derksen | March 23, 2017

The Rainforest Alliance has selected ChainPoint, a supply chain software company from the Netherlands, to build and deliver a software platform to collect important supply chain data in many...

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New report from PAN UK, Solidaridad and WWF on sustainable cotton

By Peter Derksen | February 22, 2017

For fashion brands and retailers, cotton is still one of the most used raw materials. There are multiple sustainability initiatives that address the many challenges in the cotton industry. The...

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New Dutch law proposal for preventing child labour in supply chains

By Peter Derksen | February 08, 2017

The Dutch government has accepted a new legislative proposal for preventing child labour in supply chains. Dutch companies have been prohibited from directly using child labour since 1874, but...

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The difference between the apparel industry and cocoa when it comes to child labour

By Peter Derksen | December 07, 2016

Child labour is unfortunately endemic in many industries. Two of these industries are the apparel and cocoa industries. What is striking is that in the apparel business, child labour is a hot and...

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Technology used to create sustainable supply chains

By Peter Derksen | November 29, 2016

At ChainPoint we firmly believe that technology has the ability to change and transform supply chains, making them more efficient, sustainable and resilient. In today’s supply chains there are...

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How pre-packaged fruit and vegetables can help reduce food waste

By Peter Derksen | November 14, 2016

Recently ChainPoint attended a Dutch event called “Keten! In Food”. Translated into English, it can have a double meaning. The most direct translation would be “Chain in Food”, hinting at the food...

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How supply chain mapping improves supply chain visibility

By Peter Derksen | October 14, 2016

When you are working on sustainable sourcing or improving the sustainability of your company’s supply chain, you will probably have heard about Chain of Custody models that are used for...

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SpaceX’s recent disaster is bad news for African smallholder farmers

By Peter Derksen | September 09, 2016

Last week, during a routine check, SpaceX's latest rocket exploded on the launch pad in a great ball of fire. The payload, a multi-million dollar internet satellite, was already mounted on the...

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A quote that could mark a shift in sustainability

By Peter Derksen | September 06, 2016

Sustainability has never been more in the media than during the last couple of years. Companies, NGOs and initiatives are all working on improving carbon footprint, water usage and sustainable...

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