Belgium pledges to make all its chocolate sustainable

By Quirijn Foeken | January 08, 2019
Quirijn Foeken

Belgian chocolate producers and supermarkets just announced a new partnership, called Beyond Chocolate. This partnership commits to make Belgian a 100% sustainable by 2025. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo signed the partnership along with major chocolate producers, NGOs like Rainforest Alliance and several supermarket groups. 

Tackling child labor and deforestation 

The new partnership is committed to tackle the two major issues, child labor and deforestation, in the cocoa supply chain while making sure that cocoa farmers have a decent income. This means that all Belgian chocolate produced or traded in Belgium must meet a relevant certification standard or is produced with company-specific sustainability programmes by the end of 2025. Deforestation caused by cocoa production must end by 2030. By then, all cocoa producers must earn a living income.

Sustainable chocolate is on the rise

This news comes a month after the news that Tony's Chocolonely announced its partnership with Albert Heijn and Barry Callebaut. This shows that sustainable chocolate is on the rise and that the cocoa industry is ready to invest in sustainable supply chains.This is great news for all stakeholders in the cocoa supply chain. 

Want to know more? 

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