ChainPoint developed Timber Due Diligence System for NEXT

By Johan Zandbergen | March 21, 2019
Johan Zandbergen

ChainPoint is proud to announce that NEXT, the British multinational retailer, chose ChainPoint to develop their Timber Due Diligence System. The system will help deliver the NEXT Timber Policy.

NEXT is committed to the responsible sourcing of timber and timber containing products. Their vision is to work with supply chains to deliver timber products which come from responsible or certified sources such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). NEXT aims to set a target for 100% of timber to come from responsible and certified sources by 2025.

The Timber Due Diligence System will not only support delivery of the NEXT Timber Policy, but will also increase operational efficiency, saving both time and cost.

‘’Chainpoint’s experience of software development, providing visibility and traceability of multiple supply chains, allowed NEXT to successfully create our platform within a short timeframe to ensure continued delivery of our Timber Policy.’’

Head of Product Legislation, NEXT

If you want to see a live demo of our timber due diligence software we highly recommend our webinar on timber. 

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