ChainPoint develops traceability platform for Closing the Loop

By Johan Zandbergen | August 08, 2019
Johan Zandbergen

ChainPoint recently launched a new traceability software platform for our new customer Closing the Loop. This platform will help Closing the Loop with their mission to make the mobile phone the world’s first waste-free product by offsetting the raw material footprints of mobile phones.

Closing the Loop collects and recycles a scrap phone for every new phone their customers order. These scrap phones are collected in Africa, where e-scrap is becoming a bigger problem every day. Since it is not possible to properly recycle them locally, the scrap phones are shipped and recycled in Europe. This generates jobs in Africa for phone collectors and entrepreneurs and it reduces environmental damage, pollution, hazardous waste and health issues.

To make sure that every new phone is compensated, Closing the Loop will make use of ChainPoint software to trace batches of scrap phones from the collection all the way to the recycling facility.

“Our clients appreciate our choice to work with Chainpoint as a well-known name and respected player in supply chain traceability, improving the trust in our collection system as well as the traceability of our operations.”

Reinhardt Smit, Director of Supply Chains, Closing the Loop

About Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop was founded in 2012 and offers users and sellers of phones an easy way to make their device material-neutral and waste-free. It collects scrap phones on behalf of customers, hereby offsetting their phone, on a One for One basis.  For more information please visit


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