ChainPoint introduces TraceMap

By Eric Doezejager | June 26, 2019

ChainPoint is proud to announce a new feature for its software platform: TraceMap. TraceMap is a new way to visualize your supply chain. It lets you navigate through your supply chain from every possible angle. With its intuitive design and flexibility, you can see insights in your supply chain that you couldn’t easily see before.

Tracemap gif3

Choose what you see

TraceMap makes it possible to visualise your supply chain from multiple angles, switching easily from upstream to downstream views. In the example on this page, you can see how companies relate to each other and how the different colours identify suppliers and sub-contractors. But the possibilities don't end there. It's also possible to use other flows of information via batch numbers or even to add certification statutes.

Built with ChainPoint technology

TraceMap is more than a nice looking tool. The ChainPoint platform will make sure that what you see on screen, is based on reliable and secure data.

Do you know where your suppliers are?

TraceMap also lets you display your supply chain information on an integrated world map. This handy extra feature gives you even more insight into your supply chain.


Do you want to see more? 

If you want to see more of TraceMap you can request a demo with our sales team right away. We can show and tell you a lot more of this exciting new feature. 

Request a demo!

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