ChainPoint moves to new location

By Melline Zandbergen | June 06, 2018

In recent years ChainPoint resided in the office tower at Kroonpark 10 in Arnhem, but due to the growth of the company it's time for the next step: on July 2nd 2018, ChainPoint will move to the office building ‘De Wing’ at the Mr. E.N. van Kleffensstraat 12 in Arnhem.

Inspiring work environment

The modern office building ‘De Wing’ provides ChainPoint with lots of light and space, which creates an inspiring work environment. In line with the activities of ChainPoint, the use of sustainable materials has been taken into account with the interior design. Additionally, the corporate identity of ChainPoint runs as a common thread through the entire office. In this way, ChainPoint’s staff can provide their customers with an even better service from their new location.   

Loyal to Arnhem

ChainPoint has decided to remain loyal to the city of Arnhem for its headquarters. The new office is less than a kilometer away from the old office. Because of this relatively small move, there will be no major changes for customers and staff. All telephone numbers and email addresses will remain unchanged.

Hope to see you soon!

ChainPoint will enter the new office building with great enthusiasm and will continue its activities from the third floor starting on July 2nd 2018. ChainPoint is looking forward to meeting you at the new office in Arnhem!

The new ChainPoint office

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