ChainPoint supports NEN in creating an ISO standard for Chain of Custody

By Alexander Ellebrecht | March 14, 2016

Book-and-claimAn important aspect in ensuring chain compliance in terms of sustainability and food safety is traceability - the ability to trace individual ingredients within a product back to their origin. There are a number of so-called Chain of Custody models that are used to maintain different levels of traceability. In order to formalise and harmonise these Chain of Custody models, the NEN, the Dutch knowledge network for standards development and implementation, has initiated the development of an ISO norm for Chain of Custody.

ChainPoint has been supporting NEN in this process from the beginning, sharing our knowledge and expertise in the implementation of various Chain of Custody models along national and international supply chains spanning many sectors.

IT systems run by standards organisations such as Fairtrade, BCI and RTRS rely on ChainPoint’s Chain of Custody technology. In addition, national organisations use ChainPoint to ensure traceability throughout their supply chains. For example, Stichting Avined, a Dutch foundation that is responsible for the traceability of poultry products in the Netherlands, has implemented ChainPoint as their traceability technology of choice.

NEN’s Chain of Custody initiative includes many organisations from both the public and private sectors, all aiming to improve the standardisation of Chain of Custody and to lower the administrative burden placed on supply chain actors.

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