ChainPoint to attend E-scrap in New Orleans

By Quirijn Foeken | September 27, 2018
Quirijn Foeken

This year, ChainPoint will attend E-scrap, the conference for leading experts in the field of electronics recycling. The conference is taking place in New Orleans, on 9-11 October. 

Why we need to recycle electronics

Many of used electronics can be recycled or reused but this is only happening for less than 20% of all devices. Discarding used electronics can lead to environmental problems if substances such as mercury, or cadmium leak into the environment. Next to that, many electronic devices contain sensitive user data, such as credit card information of medical records. This is why the recycling of electronic devices will only get more and more important. 

We are excited to learn about the latest developments in the electronics recycling industry, such as the updates to the R2 Standardthe premier global environmental, worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industry.

Can we meet you there?

If you are visiting the conference as well, and want to meet us there, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want to know more about our work in the minerals sector you can click here or download our solution paper. 

Download our solution paper on conflict minerals now!


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