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By Johan Zandbergen | February 05, 2020
Johan Zandbergen

ChainPoint is excited to announce the development of the ASC Information Management System, the new audit management platform for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council. The platform will benefit the entire certification process for every party involved, including ASC, certification bodies and other approved parties.

The new audit management platform, based on ChainPoint technology, will integrate all administrative tasks related to the certification and audit processes. This will make sure there is an independent record of the certification and auditing process for all certified products. The platform will increase efficiency and data quality for all parties involved.


“ASC certification requires detailed audits against comprehensive standards, and it’s important that our audit management platform is efficient and secure to help both auditors and farms with this process. The transparency and traceability of audits against ASC standards are at the heart of what makes ASC such a trusted certification scheme. We’re looking forward to working with Chainpoint to ensure ASC Information Systems provides this transparency and traceability for all our stakeholders.”

Wilfried Dufourne, IT Manager, ASC

About ASC

The demand for seafood is growing globally and the aquaculture industry is currently supplying more than half of this demand. This requires the industry to improve farming practices by moving towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The ASC certification promotes and incentivizes these improved farming practices.


The ASC is a global, independent non-profit organization, which sets the standards for responsible aquaculture. The on-pack ASC logo assures consumers that their fish has been farmed with minimal impacts on the environment and on society.

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