Dutch Senate votes ‘Yes’ on child labour law.

By Quirijn Foeken | May 15, 2019
Quirijn Foeken

On May 14, the Dutch Senate voted yes on a new law that requires companies to commit to reducing child labour in their supply chain. This law, The Child Labour Due Diligence Act , was already approved the Dutch Parliament two years ago. The law was backed by companies such as Save the Children, Unicef, Nestlé and Tony’s Chocolonely. 

Dutch companies have been prohibited from using child labour since 1874. In recent years, the Dutch policy was to stimulate companies to incorporate CSR-strategies into their operations. This voluntary nature of these stimuli has not proven to be effective. This new law removes this voluntary nature and holds companies accountable for child labour further upstream in their supply chain.  

Greater transparency

The MVO platform, the Dutch network for Corporate Social Responsibility, stated on their website that a legal obligation is a win-win scenario:  

“The Child Labour Due Diligence Act helps well-meaning businesses because it creates a level playing field, encourages open discussion on the issue and leads to greater transparency. Other types of governmental policy, such as the Dutch voluntary Responsible Business Conduct (RBC agreements or ‘covenants’), can support companies in meeting their obligations.” Source

How technology can help companies

ChainPoint has been helping companies, including Goodweave and Tony’s Chocolonely, to monitor and secure their supply chains for quite some time. Our software can give companies the insight they need to reduce or even remove child labour from their supply chain in industries such as textile or cocoa. If you are interested in a demo of our software you can contact as at any time. 

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