EUTR compliance is more important than ever

By Quirijn Foeken | September 25, 2018
Quirijn Foeken

Since it’s introduction in 2013, the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) gains more and more traction. The timber regulation is being enforced every day and we see that wood companies who don’t comply to the regulation are being held responsible and fined.

The EUTR is a regulation that prohibits the use of timber and timber products that are harvested under illegal circumstances. When the EUTR was introduced there was critique that the regulation was to complex, enforcement wouldn’t be possible and it would be in conflict with due diligence programs that were already in place.

However, we’ve seen in 2017 some examples where the EUTR was enforced. Last October a London based furniture retailer was fined because they failed to exercise the required due diligence. In the Netherlands we saw another company being fined because they put illegal Burmese teak on the market. A year earlier, the exact same thing happened in Sweden.

These are just three examples that show that companies must have control over their supply chains. At ChainPoint we believe that, in order to comply to regulations such as the EUTR, companies must have full knowledge over their supply chain. Our software is suited for any industry and the wood and timber industry is no exception. If you want to see how our software platform for timber compliance works, we recommend watching our timber webinar. 

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