International standards for sustainable and traceable cocoa launched

By Quirijn Foeken | June 07, 2019
Quirijn Foeken

Last month, ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. launched a set of standards on the sustainability and traceability of cocoa production. The series, collectively known as ISO 34101, was in eight years in the making.

ISOThe cocoa industry is facing huge challenges for decades. Cocoa, from which chocolate is made, is mostly grown by smallholder farms in Ivory Coast and Ghana. Since these smallholder farmers cannot make a living wage with the crop, problems like child labour, modern slavery and poverty are still endemic. The ISO 34101 standard delivers a framework that aims to contribute to farmer livelihoods and better working conditions. It also features strict requirements for traceability of the cocoa that is being used. 

The need for traceability

The ISO delivered a statement on their website which reads that "the multi-stakeholder development process for the ISO 34101 series was extremely positive for the sector and will benefit the lives of the cocoa farmers, contribute to greater respect for the environment, and provide confidence to consumers that their chocolate comes from cocoa that has been grown sustainably." Source.

The need for traceability and transparency in the cocoa industry is similar to what ChainPoint is hearing from stakeholders from the sectors for quite some time. It reaffirmes our position to in order to address these difficult problems one must capture, store and analyse data from the whole supply chain chain in a secure way, so all actors in the supply chain can learn and improve.

See our software in action

If you want to know how our customer Tony's Chocolonely uses our software to trace their cocoa beans from West-Africa all the way to their factory in Antwerp, we highly recommend watching our cocoa video.

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