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By Quirijn Foeken | August 14, 2019
Quirijn Foeken

It has been a year since we’ve stated on our blog that EUTR compliance is more important than ever.  Since then, a lot of companies are asking ChainPoint for help with their due diligence obligations in their timber supply chain. And for good reason: not only do we see again that companies are getting fined but we also see that a lot of reports that the EUTR is not the perfect solution in combating illegal logging, as demonstrated in this report by ClientEarth on Ukranian timber. 


When we talk to companies who are looking to professionalize their timber due diligence system, we see a lot of similarities. Most companies already have some kind of system in place, where Excel-files, emails, and PDFs of certifications are being passed around to keep trace the source of their timber. Systems like these can work when working internally. But when dealing with supply chains from multiple countries, with a lot of different suppliers, getting the information you need is no easy task. Your suppliers must be willing to share the information you ask of them and filling out an complicated Excel-file might not be their highest priority. So, any missing information can lead to trouble when your company is being audited.


Another thing we see when talking to companies is that their system has to adapt to changes in the market. The EUTR is a legislation that has been constantly updated and changed since its inception in 2013. For instance, there are some products that are exempt from the EUTR, such as musical instruments, but might not be in the future.  Another example is the upcoming Brexit which will have a quite some consequences for British companies. 

Designed for the industry

ChainPoint’s Timber Due Diligence System was designed especially with simplicity and adaptability in mind. By making a system that is simple for you and your suppliers, you will get the information from your suppliers faster, and by keeping your system up to date, you are sure that the supplied information is in line with the requirements of the EUTR or any future legislation. All of this will never be possible by emailing Excel-files. Our software makes it possible to onboard suppliers, map supply chains, collect information and assess and mitigate risks in a secure, cloud-based platform.

Do you want to see our timber solution?

Last March, ChainPoint hosted a webinar on our timber solution. In this webinar we showcased how our customer NEXT, uses our Timber Due Diligence System. This webinar is still available on request.

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