New innovations: managing your sustainability goals and offline data capture

By Eric Doezejager | June 01, 2015

During the last months, we have enhanced our platform, bringing enhanced supply chain data analysis functions to our users’ fingertips and providing offline data capture possibilities.

Below we outline those latest developments.

Supply Chain Analytics

Managing large amounts of sustainability data and getting insight into your progress can be a daunting task. Our new ChainPoint Analytics technology puts supply chain data squarely in the hands of business managers (no advanced IT-experience needed), where it can easily be viewed, sliced and diced from all angles. Managers will benefit from the many new insights ChainPoint Analytics brings, for instance visualising the sustainability impact of their operations throughout the supply chain, including geographical analyses. Every action you take to improve the sustainability of your business produces valuable data. Measuring this data and seeing the broad effect on your sustainability impact is the ultimate goal for every sustainable brand.


 Screenshot of ChainPoint Analytics

Data capture

For collecting farmer information, audits and assessments on the field, we have developed offline data capture options to be used on a mobile or tablet device. This allows auditors, assessors and other supply chain actors to record data even without internet connection. As soon as the device is connected, all stored information can be synchronised with the online platform.

Usability & design

ChainPoint has undergone a number of usability and design improvements that make using the platform simpler, more intuitive and more user friendly. Customers who are running ChainPoint version 5 or higher will notice that it now sports a flatter, more modern design which is easier on the eye and less cluttered.


SOPHY is an innovative software platform which allows food producers to visually experiment with raw material selection and processing conditions to see the possible effects on a product’s quality and safety.

The food industry knows all too well that running extensive lab tests to determine quality, safety and shelf life aspects of a new product formulation can be both lengthy and expensive. SOPHY helps by giving food producers a rapid predictive indication of how their food product might behave with different formulations or under different processing parameters. Since the software can determine possible effects within moments, food producers can easily run countless experiments with different raw material selections, storage temperatures, and so on until they are confident to go ahead with a final formulation that they can submit for real testing.

SOPHY presents a real opportunity for food producers to reduce their costs by allowing them to optimise their processes whilst being able to run quality and safety simulations at a fraction of the cost of repeated lab tests.

SOPHY was developed in collaboration with leading experts in food microbiology as well as a number of food industry partners. 


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