New platform for the Sustainable Biomass Program

By Johan Zandbergen | April 07, 2020
Johan Zandbergen

ChainPoint is delighted to announce the development of an Audit Management platform for SBP, the Sustainable Biomass Program.

About the platform

The platform will enable multiple stakeholders across the supply chain to manage audits and create reports. This will support the integrity of the SBP certification system. By combining information from different sources data quality will be improved and complexity reduced.

“At SBP we seek to introduce best practice across all our operations. The implementation of a digital platform for all our reporting requirements will deliver tremendous efficiency gains and a whole host of benefits, including reduced level of effort and improved data integrity. A trusted partner was essential to our needs and we are pleased to be working with ChainPoint in this venture.”

Carsten Huljus, SBP CEO

About SBP


The Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) is a certification system designed for biomass used in industrial, large-scale energy production. Through its credible and robust certification system, assuring responsible practice throughout the biomass supply chain, SBP is the promise of good biomass and is an integral part of the solution for tackling climate change.

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ChainPoint and audit management

ChainPoint audit management makes it easy to establish new standards, or use existing ones, and apply them along your supply chain. It provides auditors and certifiers with an intelligent, interactive platform with simple, one-touch controls. Performing audits at premises is easy by using our mobile apps that are tightly integrated with our platform. For more information on audit management, we highly recommend our solution paper. Here you will find detailed information on the audit process, audit management and planning, and how software can help your company with this. 

Download our audit management solution paper

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