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This year's Textile Sustainability Conference will be in Milan

By Quirijn Foeken | October 09, 2018

ChainPoint will attend Textile Exchange's 2018 Textile Sustainability Conference in Milan on October 22-24. ChainPoint's Johan Zandbergen and Alexander Ellebrecht will both give presentations in...

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Common challenges within the audit process

By Quirijn Foeken | October 03, 2018

When companies want to satisfy the expectations of retailers and consumers, it's absolutely vital that the criteria for sustainability and quality standards are being met. Therefore, regular...

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ChainPoint to attend E-scrap in New Orleans

By Quirijn Foeken | September 27, 2018

This year, ChainPoint will attend E-scrap, the conference for leading experts in the field of electronics recycling. The conference is taking place in New Orleans, on 9-11 October. 

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EUTR compliance is more important than ever

By Quirijn Foeken | September 25, 2018

Since it’s introduction in 2013, the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) gains more and more traction. The timber regulation is being enforced every day and we see that wood companies who...

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ChainPoint to sponsor the Bio-Gründer competition

By Alexander Ellebrecht | September 12, 2018

ChainPoint is proud to be a sponsor of the Bio-Gründer competition, where innovative ideas by new entrepreneurs will get a significant boost. On September 18th, the Bio-Gründer competition will...

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ABS compliance in cosmetics is on the rise

By Quirijn Foeken | September 06, 2018

Of the past few years we've been keeping an eye out on the sustainability trends in cosmetics, as demand for more sustainable products is growing. There is also more pressure for the cosmetics...

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Are you the mobile developer we are looking for?

By Quirijn Foeken | September 05, 2018

To support our fast-growing and ambitious international organization, we are always interested to hear from individuals who can bring real talent to our team. At the moment we are looking for a...

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Triple Bottom Line: measuring social and environmental KPIs

By Maarten van den Berg | August 21, 2018

The main KPI to measure the success of a company has always been profit. The bottom line. The shareholder value so to speak. Profit was the only measure and the only goal. We have seen, and...

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New European legislation for labeling food products

By Quirijn Foeken | August 17, 2018

The European Commission announced new legislation for labeling food products. This means, among other things, that producers of food are required to list the origin of the ingredients if that...

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Where blockchain and slave free chocolate come together

By Frans Pannekoek | August 13, 2018

Our customer Tony's Chocolonely is known for their mission to make 100% slave free chocolate a reality. They recently implemented a pilot with blockchain technology for traceability in their cocoa...

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