SMEs could use blockchain to overcome challenges

By Geoff Taylor | November 18, 2019

Blockchain has the potential to transform three of North-West Europe’s top five sectors with a combined turnover of €600 billion (agrofoods, logistics, health) by tackling their shared transnational data challenges.

From tracking shipments real-time across organisations, sharing sensitive medical records between practitioners, or assuring the safety, quality, and origin of food produce, SMEs in these sectors rely heavily on data transactions across countries. SMEs are particularly vulnerable to risks in delayed invoices & cash flow, data security, and errors in data.

Blockchain is a solution that could be a lifeline for some SMEs and less relevant to others. Finding out if it’s the right solution for you could be expensive and time intensive. That’s why the EU-funded Blockstart project is running its support programme for SMEs.  

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About Blockstart

Working with SMEs from across North-West Europe using the support programme, Blockstart’s transnational team of experts will target four of the most common challenges that SMEs currently face. Over the coming three years, solutions ranging from smart contracts to medical e-records will be developed and tested. The results will be made public to help as many organisations benefit from the knowledge.

The Blockstart partners will assess blockchain technology’s potential for all interested SMEs to ensure that it is used only where it can prove itself a useful alternative to traditional processes. The Blockstart project is funded by Interreg North-West Europe and the lead partner is Brightlands Smart Services Campus.

About ChainPoint

ChainPoint develops and implements secure, cloud-based software platforms for monitoring and securing supply chains. With the platform, companies are able to trace products in every step of their supply chain, from raw material to finished product. ChainPoint shall use its vast experience in using technology to connect the information stream in supply chains to bring added transparency and traceability, along with better cost-competitiveness to the supply chain.

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