Sustainable development in the Food & Beverage industry

By Alexander Ellebrecht | January 04, 2016

Supplying the growing global population with food that has been sustainably produced poses a number of challenges. In order to tackle these challenges, insight needs to be gained by monitoring and analysing key metrics across all stakeholders in the food & beverage supply chain. Also, having a clear view of your entire supply chain, beyond your tier 1 suppliers, is needed to truly assess the impact of your supply chain. 


ChainPoint offers multiple solutions to help you gain more insight into your food & beverage supply chains.  

  • Supplier Management and Assessment
    Gather and record key metrics for each stakeholder in the supply chain. Periodically assess the progress made at your suppliers using interactive forms and email alerts. All data collected is stored for analysis and reporting. Learn more

  • Traceability
    Trace ingredients used in products across all tiers in your chain. Trace both upstream back to the source and downstream to supplies made to customers. Know exactly how much is sustainably produced or sourced and tie traceability data up with ethical sourcing and social compliance data. Learn more 

  • Supply Chain Mapping
    Create interactive visualisations of your entire supply chain, from farm to shelf. Discover existing and potential hotspots. Learn where opportunities are to improve your supply chain. 

  • Analytics
    Use chain-wide data collection to create more efficient, resilient, collaborative and sustainable supply chains. ChainPoint analytics lets you slice and dice information to create and to interactively visualize the state of your sustainable supply chain. Learn more

  • Storytelling
    Offer your customers insight into your efforts and achievements. Improve the social and ethical awareness of your brand by transparently communicating the sustainability goals you’ve reached. Engage with customers to create greater trust than ever in your brand.
    Learn more

  • Brand Protection
    Combine ChainPoint’s unique technologies, which are specifically built for sustainable supply chains, to proactively mitigate ethical and social compliance issues in your supply chain. Have the information at hand to take decisive action before events surface and damage your brand’s valuable reputation.

Why not contact us at to see how we can support you in 2016 and beyond in creating sustainable food & beverage supply chains. Alternatively, please read our showcases on our Food & Beverage Industry page to learn more.


Recently ChainPoint and KPMG held a "Data Management in Sustainable Food & Beverage Supply Chains" webinar. You can request access to the webinar recording by clicking the button on the right.

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