Technologies that can help prevent child labour in your supply chain

By Quirijn Foeken | February 23, 2018
Quirijn Foeken

There is no ‘silver bullet’ when you want to prevent child labour in your supply chain, but technology can play an important role in gaining insight into the possible hotspots and risks within supply chains. In this blog we highlight some of the technologies used in the ChainPoint supply chain information management system that can help prevent child labour.

Supply Chain Mapping

The first step in preventing child labour is knowing which suppliers are involved in the sourcing and production of your products. With Supply Chain Mapping you can reveal and better understand the relationships between stakeholders in the supply chain. You can identify potential child labour risks at every level of your supply chain and perform a better analysis of the total risk.


When claiming no child labour was involved in the production of your products, you need to know the origin of each and every batch of ingredients. Supply Chain Traceability connects all the points in your chain together and provides you with detailed, real time insights into your supply chain. Tracing your products from source to consumer can help you identify risks, prevent child labour, improve the integrity of your supply chain and perform more effective audits.

Supplier assessment

The supplier assessment capabilities of the ChainPoint platform can capture real-time data throughout the supply chain, storing it in a central, secure repository for analysis. Continuous gathering of sourcing, processing and compliance data across the chain enables monitoring the sustainability performance indicators that matter most to your brand and business.

Audit Management

Companies needs to ensure their standards on child labour are met and regularly audited for compliance. ChainPoint Auditing & Certification makes it easier to establish and enforce new standards or use existing ones throughout your supply chain. Audit Management can help you mitigate supply chain compliance risks and track the status of certifications and audits.

Analytics & Reporting

Supply Chain Analytics gives detailed insight into your performance against your KPI’s through the visualization of information gathered from across your supply chain. With Analytics & Reporting you can analyze the sustainability impact of your supply chain and share results with supply chain partners for improved collaboration.

Mobile data collection

A vital part in fighting child labour is data collection ‘on the ground’ which traditionally is mostly paper based. A much better solution is a smart mobile application that can transfer data real-time to a central repository, as well as work offline if no internet connection is available. With Mobile Data Collection, audit data can be captured with less chance for errors and processed faster.


Based upon pro-active monitoring of supply chain information and audit results, ChainPoint Alerts will send you automated risk based alerts based on your KPIs. You will be informed when or even before things slip out of control.

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