The rise of the conscious consumer

By Quirijn Foeken | April 04, 2018
Quirijn Foeken

Since the rise of the internet and new technologies consumers today have far more tools at their disposal to research their purchases. No longer do they go to the shop around the corner to buy a recommended product, but instead do their own research, compare prices and read reviews online. This is also true when it comes to researching the origin of their products. Consumers want to know what is in their product, where it came from and how it was made.

Technology has also given consumers a voice with which they can raise their concerns via blogs, social media or via written reviews. Several studies suggest that millennials in particular demand that the goods they buy are sustainable and that this is a key factor when considering a purchase.

In short, consumers these days are critical thinkers. They demand information on issues such as sustainability, child labor and the scarcity of raw materials. As we have stated previously, printing a sustainability logo on a package is not enough anymore. Consumers want to know what a sustainability standard means and how it positively impacts the world we are living in.

The challenge for sustainability standards

This rise of the conscious consumer gives sustainability standards a challenge: how do they make sure they can report on the information consumers are demanding? How do they make sure the data they present is reliable and trustworthy?

Fortunately, technology can also help standards respond to such challenges. Software such as ChainPoint lets standards gather and integrate data from multiple points in the supply chain, allowing information on sustainability and ethical performance to be selected and reported to consumers, retailers and brands. ChainPoint has vast experience in helping sustainability standards with their goals. In the end it’s all about connecting: connecting supply chains, connecting technology and connecting consumers with the product that they want.

If you would like to know more about how sustainability standards can measure their impact, please feel free to read our solution paper that goes into great detail on this topic. 

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