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SpaceX’s recent disaster is bad news for African smallholder farmers

Posted by Peter Derksen on Sep 9, 2016 11:47:05 AM

Last week, during a routine check, SpaceX's latest rocket exploded on the launch pad in a great ball of fire. The payload, a multi-million dollar internet satellite, was already mounted on the rocket and was completely destroyed in the explosion. So why is this bad news for smallholder farmers in Africa?

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Kenyan smallholder farmers and food waste

Posted by Peter Derksen on Mar 15, 2016 3:59:38 PM

On 10 March ChainPoint attended a workshop in Berlin, focused on reducing food waste in the Kenyan horticulture industry. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), about one-third of all food produced every year is lost or wasted. Taking into account the growing world population, which is estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050, food loss and food waste pose not only an economic and financial problem but also one that affects the survival of people. If food loss and waste can’t be reduced, food production will need to increase to such a level that it requires staggering investment.

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Topics: food waste, smallholder farmers, africa

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