Dutch Senate votes ‘Yes’ on child labour law.

By Quirijn Foeken | May 15, 2019

On May 14, the Dutch Senate voted yes on a new law that requires companies to commit to reducing child labour in their supply chain. This law, The Child Labour Due Diligence Act , was already...

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Chocolate, a 'guilty' pleasure?

By Peter Derksen | May 07, 2019

In 2005 a Dutch journalist explored the issue of child labour in the cocoa industry, wishing to see the results of the Harkin Engel protocol which was signed in 2001. He was shocked to find that...

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Belgium pledges to make all its chocolate sustainable

By Quirijn Foeken | January 08, 2019

Belgian chocolate producers and supermarkets just announced a new partnership, called Beyond Chocolate. This partnership commits to make Belgian a 100% sustainable by 2025. Deputy Prime Minister...

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The French Duty of Vigilance Law as a trend

By Quirijn Foeken | November 14, 2018

In February 2017 the French government passed the Duty of Vigilance Law, known in France by its full name “Devoir de vigilance des entreprises donneuses d'ordre”. The law requires large companies...

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Technologies that can help prevent child labour in your supply chain

By Quirijn Foeken | February 23, 2018

There is no ‘silver bullet’ when you want to prevent child labour in your supply chain, but technology can play an important role in gaining insight into the possible hotspots and risks within...

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Industries with the highest risk of child labour in the supply chain

By Quirijn Foeken | January 31, 2018

Although child labour is on a worldwide declin, it remains a big problem: according to ILO and Unicef, there are still 168 million children involved in child labour today where almost half of them...

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Stop child labour, one supply chain at a time

By Quirijn Foeken | December 20, 2017

To stop child labour, it is important that companies, governments and consumers around the world firmly act against it. Governments can develop and enforce legislation. Mindful consumers...

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ChainPoints child labor solution voted 'one of five best ideas'

By Quirijn Foeken | October 16, 2017

ChainPoint was asked by the Dutch government to participate in the ' Nederland Tegen Kinderarbeid challenge', a challenge where everybody could submit ideas and plans to fight child labor in the...

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New Dutch law proposal for preventing child labour in supply chains

By Peter Derksen | February 08, 2017

The Dutch government has accepted a new legislative proposal for preventing child labour in supply chains. Dutch companies have been prohibited from directly using child labour since 1874, but...

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Supply chain mapping to measure impact and protect brand reputation

By Geoff Taylor | January 20, 2017

Every company has a supply chain. The most common view on this is “one-up, one-down”, meaning that companies know the suppliers they source from and know the buyers they sell to. This simplistic...

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