Risk management in organic supply chains

By Alexander Ellebrecht | October 16, 2018

In every supply chain there are risks, either related to the supply chain itself or the product and ingredients that travel through the supply chain. Food safety, for example, is a concern not...

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ChainPoint will attend the Sustainable Development in the Food & Beverage Industry Summit 2018

By Anneleen Veldhuizen | January 10, 2018

When the focus of the 6th annual summit was announced, ChainPoint decided to join this event in Berlin. We will join many important stakeholders from the food and beverage industry in discussions...

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Sustainable Food Summit: How a flexible software platform can support creating efficient and sustainable supply chains

By Peter Derksen | June 22, 2016

Food related companies are facing many challenges these days, including food safety, fraud, product quality and consumer trust. During the last few years, the sustainable sourcing of raw materials...

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12 predictions in food & beverage 2016

By Alexander Ellebrecht | January 13, 2016

In the latest blog article from David Oliver at FoodDive, 12 key food & beverage industry predictions for 2016 are listed. Of these 12 predictions, 6 can be directly related to what we do at...

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Sustainable development in the Food & Beverage industry

By Alexander Ellebrecht | January 04, 2016

Supplying the growing global population with food that has been sustainably produced poses a number of challenges. In order to tackle these challenges, insight needs to be gained by monitoring and...

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Reducing food waste in the supply chain

By Peter Derksen | November 11, 2015

According to an article of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the world loses or squanders a third of the food it produces each year. Between planting seeds and...

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Understanding the soy supply chain

By Peter Derksen | May 25, 2015

Delivering software solutions which improve sustainability, product quality, information and overall supply chain collaboration, is not only done from behind a desk. Our specialists regularly...

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Cooperation is dominant in nature

By Lieven Callewaert | January 14, 2014

At ChainPoint we say that cooperation is in our DNA. This is not just a metaphor and it applies not only to us or to our customers working together in food supply chains that extend throughout the...

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