Sustainability Impact Assessment: 4 steps to get insight

By Johan Zandbergen | March 19, 2018

For many companies, the main sustainability impact lies in their supply chain. From sourcing sustainable material and ensuring the future livelihood of your farmers, up until transparently...

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Three benefits of using blockchain in your supply chain (and three downsides).

By Geoff Taylor | December 20, 2017

You can hardly turn on the radio or read a newspaper these days without something being said about blockchain. It almost seems that everybody is talking about blockchain technology or bitcoin in...

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Supply chain mapping to measure impact and protect brand reputation

By Geoff Taylor | January 20, 2017

Every company has a supply chain. The most common view on this is “one-up, one-down”, meaning that companies know the suppliers they source from and know the buyers they sell to. This simplistic...

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New innovations: managing your sustainability goals and offline data capture

By Eric Doezejager | June 01, 2015

During the last months, we have enhanced our platform, bringing enhanced supply chain data analysis functions to our users’ fingertips and providing offline data capture possibilities.

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Measure the sustainability impact of your supply chain

By Johan Zandbergen | May 01, 2015

Nowadays, stakeholders hold companies largely responsible for what happens in their chain, leading more and more companies to set ambitious sustainability goals, not only for their own operations...

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Sustainability Analytics Animation

By Johan Zandbergen | April 13, 2015

Achieving sustainability in your supply chain is no easy task, but once you have all data in place, advanced analytics can make a big difference in getting insight into your...

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12 Years in the world of sustainability

By Johan Zandbergen | March 24, 2015

In 1999 a serious food scandal rocked the food industry. A limited amount of toxic dioxin contaminated the food supply chain, but because traceability at the time was so limited compared to the...

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Step by step towards supply chain agility

By Eric Doezejager | January 13, 2015

Supply chains and their environments are constantly changing with accelerating speed. Customer needs, crop yields and prices, business conditions, regulations, quality and sustainability...

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Chain information strengthens brands

By Johan Zandbergen | April 29, 2014

The cards are currently being reshuffled in the agricultural and food sectors, according to Johan Zandbergen, founder and CEO at ChainPoint, a company that develops information systems for...

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