Navigating with your supply chain map

By Anneleen Veldhuizen | January 22, 2019

Supply chains are complex. Most companies know who their own suppliers are but who are the suppliers of their suppliers? How are they all connected? When companies ask us for help, we generally...

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Traceability and supply chain mapping in cosmetics supply chains

By Quirijn Foeken | November 22, 2018

There are many technical functionalities that can help improve sustainability in cosmetics supply chains such as audit management, supplier assessment or certification management, but there are...

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Supply chain mapping to measure impact and protect brand reputation

By Geoff Taylor | January 20, 2017

Every company has a supply chain. The most common view on this is “one-up, one-down”, meaning that companies know the suppliers they source from and know the buyers they sell to. This simplistic...

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Technology used to create sustainable supply chains

By Peter Derksen | November 29, 2016

At ChainPoint we firmly believe that technology has the ability to change and transform supply chains, making them more efficient, sustainable and resilient. In today’s supply chains there are...

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7 key take-aways from the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Paris

By Anne Himeno | November 09, 2016

ChainPoint recently had the opportunity to present at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit held by Organic Monitor in Paris. The topic of our presentation was: “Using information technology to make...

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How supply chain mapping improves supply chain visibility

By Peter Derksen | October 14, 2016

When you are working on sustainable sourcing or improving the sustainability of your company’s supply chain, you will probably have heard about Chain of Custody models that are used for...

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