Chocolate, a 'guilty' pleasure?

By Peter Derksen | May 07, 2019

In 2005 a Dutch journalist explored the issue of child labour in the cocoa industry, wishing to see the results of the Harkin Engel protocol which was signed in 2001. He was shocked to find that...

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Traceability and supply chain mapping in cosmetics supply chains

By Quirijn Foeken | November 22, 2018

There are many technical functionalities that can help improve sustainability in cosmetics supply chains such as audit management, supplier assessment or certification management, but there are...

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Collaboration and traceability key topics at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

By Anne Himeno | November 23, 2017

Recently ChainPoint participated as a speaker at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Paris. We were very pleased to see that this year included an entire half-day session dedicated to sustainable...

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Traceability and transparency in the cacao industry

By Anneleen Veldhuizen | November 14, 2017

A few weeks ago, ChainPoint attended the World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting in Washington DC. At this event we showcased our work we do with our client Tony’s Chocolonely. During this...

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Supply chains: the bigger picture

By Anne Himeno | April 25, 2017

When looking at supply chains, it’s always good to keep in mind what the underlying impact of a chain might be. There are, of course, countless supply chains that deliver our daily needs, each...

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The difference between the apparel industry and cocoa when it comes to child labour

By Peter Derksen | December 07, 2016

Child labour is unfortunately endemic in many industries. Two of these industries are the apparel and cocoa industries. What is striking is that in the apparel business, child labour is a hot and...

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Technology used to create sustainable supply chains

By Peter Derksen | November 29, 2016

At ChainPoint we firmly believe that technology has the ability to change and transform supply chains, making them more efficient, sustainable and resilient. In today’s supply chains there are...

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How supply chain mapping improves supply chain visibility

By Peter Derksen | October 14, 2016

When you are working on sustainable sourcing or improving the sustainability of your company’s supply chain, you will probably have heard about Chain of Custody models that are used for...

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Sustainable cosmetics: Mica, a mineral with a dark glow

By Anne Himeno | October 06, 2016

Ingredients for cosmetics sometimes come from the strangest places. The mineral above is Mica, a natural mineral used in blusher, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, foundation but also found...

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Will 2015 be marked in history as a turning point?

By Peter Derksen | December 29, 2015

With 2015 drawing to an end, we’ve seen a great amount of developments this year towards companies making themselves more sustainable, improving quality and reducing supply chain risks. Brand...

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