The role of technology in supply chains with conflict minerals

By Anneleen Veldhuizen | March 13, 2018

In a world where many of us depend every day on our smartphones, tablets and laptops, it’s fair to say that there’s a huge reliance on minerals such as tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold (3TG). In...

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Three benefits of using blockchain in your supply chain (and three downsides).

By Geoff Taylor | December 20, 2017

You can hardly turn on the radio or read a newspaper these days without something being said about blockchain. It almost seems that everybody is talking about blockchain technology or bitcoin in...

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Traceability and transparency in the cacao industry

By Anneleen Veldhuizen | November 14, 2017

A few weeks ago, ChainPoint attended the World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting in Washington DC. At this event we showcased our work we do with our client Tony’s Chocolonely. During this...

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