Using mobile technology for collecting supply chain data

By Quirijn Foeken | July 16, 2019
Quirijn Foeken

Mobile technology is an integral part of our daily lives, and therefore it makes sense to use phones or tablets to collect supply chain data in the field, instead of bringing a heavy laptop or a stack of paper.

ChainPoint Mobile is the perfect addition to our software platform. With its unique capabilities, users will have a really powerful tool right in their hands. To demonstrate our mobile solution, we’ve created a video where we take a look at these capabilities.


Offline first

 Many of our customers are collecting data in remote areas where internet access is patchy at best. That’s why we have built ChainPoint mobile as an 'offline first' technology. Our apps will work in offline mode when an internet connection is not available. This means that data can still be collected and stored on the device. Once a connection becomes available, the app will synchronize the data back to the main ChainPoint platform.

ChainPoint mobile is available for all customers who are using the ChainPoint software. Both Android and iOS devices are supported. Contact ChainPoint now, for more information.



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