What ChainPoint can do for the textile industry

By Alexander Ellebrecht | April 03, 2020

The textile supply chain is long and complex, spanning multiple countries and type of companies such as farmers, ginners, traders, spinners, importers, garment manufacturers and retailers. In order to get insight into a supply chain of such complexity itis vital to onboard and assess suppliers, verify their compliance with standards and gather information regarding one segment, line and season in one single place.  

ChainPoint has been active in the textile industry for quite some years. With our work for BCI, Textile Exchange, GOTS, Goodweave and others we’ve been supporting the textile and apparel industry from multiple angles. We have now consolidated our years of experience in Textile Trace, a platform designed especially for the textile and apparel industry. This extremely flexible solution will benefit anyone working in the industry.

Onboarding suppliers

With Textile Trace you can onboard your suppliers in a very efficient and easy way to the platform. This can be done by simply capturing basic supplier information manually or by interfacing with an existing ERP or other company IT system. Your supplier can then complete and validate information as well as add information for own suppliers.

Adding certifications

Once a supplier is registered in the platform, adding certificates for the supplier is easy. Our platform lets you assign certificates for all standards to a supplier, with scope, certificate number and expiry date. Via the platform you can ask your supplier directly for additional certificate information like a scan of the certificate. The supplier then just follows a link in an email to add the required information into the platform. The platform will also automatically notify you when a certificate is about to expire, so you can be sure your suppliers always have valid certificates.

Traceability of complex supply chains

Textile Trace makes capturing of your supply chains effortless. Simply register buyer-supplier relationships for each segment, line and season. If required, verify information by requesting documents such as transaction certificates directly from your supplier. As a result you will gain insight into your supply chains and  you can draw on detailed information for every step.

Visualise your supply chain with TraceMap

Our TraceMap visualises your supply chain in a unique way. This interactive feature in ChainPoint lets you navigate through your supply chain from every possible angle. With its intuitive design and versatility, you can gain insights into your supply chain in real time. As soon as information is added, it shows in the map TraceMap makes it possible to visualise your supply chain switching easily from upstream to downstream views, from logical order to geographical.

Want to know more?

If you want to see what Textile Trace can do for you, please request a demo and Textile Trace experts will give you a one-on-one demonstration of our platform.

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