What is the new normal in your supply chains?

By Johan Zandbergen | July 17, 2020
Johan Zandbergen

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it is how dependent and vulnerable we can be in supply chains, especially if we don't know our x-tier suppliers.

Consumers demand action more than ever and expect brands and retailers to take a position on the things they care about. They expect more and more tangible and measurable changes, which translate to a positive impact on the supply chain. Controlled Dependence and Accountability seem to be the new normal when it comes to supply chains.

Knowing your supply chains

It all starts with understanding your supply chains, through multiple tiers, back to the upstream inputs in the supply chain. Insight gives you visibility in terms of both opportunities and risks, and makes it possible to be accountable to your customers and other stakeholders.

Strengthen your supply chain collaboration  

Sustainable and financially healthy supply chains require sustainable relationships and collaboration, so that

  • supply chain partners share their goals
  • farmers or mines can continue their business and deliver good quality
  • brands can account for the origin of their products.

Supply chain collaboration requires that information be shared within your supply chain. 

How ChainPoint can support you  

First, we will start by understanding your supply chains and defining your objectives and the most critical processes to achieve that. For example, a major food producer increased sales by 5% when using ChainPoint to report on inventory not being available on time at any point in their supply chain.

Garbage in, barbage out

Valuable information begins with high quality data. We can support you with various data capture technologies such as online web-based data capture, mobile data collection, or API connections with your supply chain’s existing systems.

ChainPoint’s technology supports multiple Chain of Custody models, from Identity Preserved to Book & Claim. An international sustainability standard uses ChainPoint technology to track their certified fruit products, showing the origin of the products.

Over the years we’ve learned that monitoring and securing supply chains is more than traceability.
Standing behind your product requires collaboration with your x-tier suppliers. With our technology we support the flow of information throughout your chain.
A food brand that uses ChainPoint is notified with certain non-conformities, so they can start a process of corrective measures.

Date security is essential

Data security is very crucial in all our projects, especially when data is shared with external stakeholders. It is important that you are behind the wheel here and that you determine what data you want to share with who. ChainPoint supports you in terms of data security by making information available to collaborating stakeholders where desirable, whilst blocking access to information where necessary – this is particularly important in supply chains with competing parties.

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